Friday, November 22, 2019


LOL, not everything is a formal word according to the olden days when proper grammar and the Websters ruled the language. And sometimes the words have nothing to do with anything the words are about. But the asterisk, now that might have some meaning somewhere, if not anywhere, as if it matters. The bottom line may just be tat every careless aside, every whiny complaint, every rambling distraction, every dramatic sorrow, every traumatic expression of depression, fear, angst, or doubt, is actually laughter in disguise. That's asteriskology. See? In a never ending battle against unoriginality, we create and recreate words as we do stories and everything else. How many elements are there again? It is our re-creation, as in fun, recall recreation, walk right in, enter-tainment, there is no containing it. For the hypergraphiatic addict, or artist, the madness blossoms as it blooms in the bussom of the bosom of the boustrophedonic, unless you're bashful. And if .tale the tell to live even might you, ramble the of rhythm the with along follow can you